Scratching too much is another way I get EDS bruises

Dry skin can cause itching, after which it's a short trip to bruising

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It’s the season for dry skin. Between the cold weather and frequent hand-washing, I can’t seem to stay ahead of it. I have a variety of heavy-duty lotions, but sometimes my skin still gets too dry. The worst part about that is the itching.

I know, you’re not supposed to scratch dry skin. But we all do it sometimes, don’t we? It’s not a big problem usually, but once in a while, I’ll scratch hard enough to give myself stippled bruises. The lines where I scratch will turn red and have lots of tiny, pinprick bruises along them.

My usual bruising from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) is typically pretty garish and hard to miss. It’s characterized by big purple-green blotches with a nice tinge of yellow around the edge after a few days. While often the point of impact that caused the bruise will be tender, the areas around it typically won’t hurt. I mean it when I tell people the bruises aren’t as bad as they look.

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I always have some pretty colorful patches at any given time. Right now, I have a few bruises and don’t know what caused them, which isn’t unusual because I’m an active person. Between the bruises I get from scratching myself and the regular bruising from EDS, I have some extra colorful limbs.

When I get bruises from scratching, they don’t last as long as regular EDS bruises. Unlike big bruises that can take a while to heal, these are usually gone in a couple days. They also don’t hurt like an average bruise. Still, every time I manage to do that, I end up kicking myself because I should know better. What person with EDS needs more bruises? I know I don’t!

Because I have mild to moderate EDS, bruising is often the only visible manifestation of it. It used to really bother me, especially as a teenager, but I learned a long time ago that it’s simply not worth getting upset over. Sure, there are times when I wish I didn’t have to explain my bruises to well-meaning doctors or even strangers. This is particularly true when I decide to wear a skirt or shorts in the summer.

And while I’m occasionally asked questions by people who are simply being rude or nosy, the overwhelming majority of folks do so from a place of genuine concern. In today’s crazy world, I’ll never say no to a little more caring.

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Constance Frye Alsup

I Itch constantly and have to put lotion all over at night to Sleep! I only get 3-9 hours home help which is not enough! I am mostly bed ridden but I am all over the place trying to walk with my cane or walker potting or making it to kitchen. Can't find Homes for 6 cats. No one around Treats EDS. Now I don't drive, live alone in my big house. Life sucks! 29 yr old daughter passed in 2020 and appt to see if I have MS like her in April. I am in pain!


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